Excerpts from reviews of Lucky George

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“Newspaper and magazine photographers were and remain anonoymous. But the best of them are artists and George Kufrin was among the very best of the best. His story is one of passion and playfulness and self-effacing charm.”   Rick KoganChicago Tribune senior writer; Host:  “The Afternoon Shift,” WBEZ-FM; author of a dozen books.


“Lucky George is a love letter, in pictures and prose, to life in general–and to Chicago in detail…Kufrin’s writing  is clear, informative and fluid–a perfect complement to the accomplished and sensitive photography that became his trademark…” Paul Berlanga, Director:  Stephen Daiter Gallery;  Owner:  Berlanga Fine Art Photographs.


“…Kufrin strings together wonderful stories and anecdotes behind the photographs which transport us to the ‘scene of the crime.’  But there is no crime in this thoroughly enjoyable  collection of work…”  Garry McGee, author of Jean Seberg–Breathless and Doris Day: Sentimental Journey.


“George Kufrin’s tales bring to life…old smoky newsrooms, blue-collar factory life in the immigrant neighborhoods, suburban sprawl, urban change, identity and the pursuit of the American dream…Written with wit and modesty, Kufrin has captured a slice of Americana and an era in Chicago that, unfortunately, will soon be forgotten.”   Maria Dugandzic-Pasic, author of Croatians of Chicagoland;  film producer:  “They Never Walked Alone.”


“We are privileged to share moments of historical intimacy, old Hollywood wow, past shakers and makers of our political, industrial and social landscape.   Thanks for the memories, Lucky George…a great life–a great read.”   Mary Bonnett, artistic director, Her Story Theater


“George Kufrin’s Lucky George is a unique view of 50 years of our country’s history, from the ’30s to the ’80s as seen through the lens of his camera. Patricia Friedberg, author of 21 Aldgate,  RBI (2010)



“What a life George Kufrin has led…Obviously, he enjoyed every minute…Too few people really appreciate what life deals them but Lucky George is a great example of someone who has.”   Rebecca Dixon, associate provost (ret.), Northwestern University.


“George Kufrin photographs all of his subjects as if they possess star-power. As a writer, Kufrin’s take on decades of American history is spot on, like the view through the lens of his camera…”  Naomi Pringle, author, Ginga’ Root Tea, An American Journey.


“…He seems happy-go-lucky and calls himself  ‘Lucky George.’  Don’t you believe it. This is a man of moxie and consummate gifts…” Allan Cox, author of WHOA! Are They Glad You’re In Their Lives?  and  The CEO in You,  plus seven others.